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Blood analyzer with Prodigy Motion Cards - PMD

Application Challenge

Efficiently and cost effectively create a motion control architecture that can support multiple axes and multiple motor types while maintaining the compact table‐top size of the equipment.


Motion Control Solution

This application is particularly suitable for 2-3 Prodigy® PCI motion cards and an ION 500 digital drive. The ION is used to rotate the centrifuge and Prodigy motion cards from 2-3-axis x arm and 1 rotor each, in the magazine. samples and in the incubator. This motion control architecture can be implemented in different ways according to the needs of the machine. A PCI, PC / 104 or stand-alone format can be chosen for the motion cards, each with different benefits. If compactness is required, then the PC / 104 format can be used to contain the total system size, using a stack of motion cards mounted on the control system CPU board. If, on the other hand, a distributed architecture is required, the stand-alone format can be used to house the motion cards directly in the subsystems.

Speed ​​control with timed modified profile

Using the velocity profile mode the centrifuge can be set up to run at various the velocities at predetermined time points that match the specific process to achieve variable speed control and the resulting R.C.F. (relative centrifugal force). In this mode the motion is controlled by changing the acceleration, velocity, and deceleration parameters while the profile is being executed. The ION supports up to 2 breakpoints. The trigger condition can be one of 10 parameters. For this application the trigger condition is Time. At each trigger point the acceleration and velocity parameters are updated and the next set of parameters loaded.


Motion control programming

Programming the Prodigy Motion Cards and the ION Digital Drive is managed with C‐Motion®, a source code library of motion commands for development of C/C++ programs that run on the on‐board host.

Multimotor type support

Prodigy Motion Cards support multiple motor types, DC brush, Brushless DC, and stepper, and also pulse & direction amplifiers. Each axis on a card can be a different motor type. This allows for optimized motor selection in the system for both cost and performance. For example in figure 1 the 2‐ to 3‐axis arm in the sample storage carousel and the incubator use step motors and the incubator and storage carousel rotors are brushless DC motors.

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