ION®/CME N-Series digital drives awarded at 2022 Engineers Choice Awards

We are proud to announce our partner Performance Motion Devices won the Control Engineering’s 2022 Engineers Choice Awards competition for the best automation product in actuators, motors, drives category.

During the competition, automation professionals selected PMD’s ION / CME N-Series digital drives among the best automation, control and instrumentation products.

The revolutionary ultra-compact ION® / CME N-Series digital drives are intelligent digital drives that enable high performance motion control, connectivity and power amplification.

They support stepper motors, brushless DC and brushed DC motors, and are ideal for medical applications, mobile systems, scientific equipment, semiconductor machines and many other automation applications.

You can find all the details at the following link: ION / CME N-Series digital drives – PMD

It’s also available at this link the recording of the live event in which PMD and Garnet presented the new ION® / CME N Series digital drives, exploring digital drives features and functionality and some applications examples.

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