Garnet is pleased to present ION® / CME N-Series, the new revolutionary ultra-compact digital drives presented by the American company PMD, a leading manufacturer of integrated circuits, drives and cards for motion control.

The ION® / CME N-series digital drives are intelligent digital drives that, despite their small size, enable high-performance motion control.

They are used as power modules for brushed DC motors, brushless motors and for step motors; they are also ideal for creating integrated control solutions in medical applications, mobile systems, scientific equipment, semiconductor machines and many other automation applications.


In addition to the possibility of connecting to a Host, these miniaturized devices have communication buses that include: Ethernet, CAN, RS232, RS485 and SPI (Serial Peripheral Interconnect).

They also support quadrature, sine / cosine and BiSS-C encoders and are equipped with a patented, ultra-rugged PCB integration package, with three power levels available: 75, 300 and 1,000 watts.

Thanks to the powerful graphical interface of the windows-based Pro-Motion® software, they are quick and easy to program; The built-in C-Motion® allows users to write, store and directly run their application on the ION® N-Series.

In addition to being fully programmable, these digital drives perform many motion control functions including profile generation, servo PID compensation, direct encoder input, stall detection, field orientation control and many other functions. .

The new N series of ION® / CME significantly reduces the number of components used, thus allowing you to speed up the design time of custom boards for motor control.

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