VZθ actuator for Pick and place machines

We are going to show you the VZθ Actuator by KSS, the Japanese company specialized in actuators and ball screws production.

The VZθ actuator is a complete BSSP screw system with nut and spline, which allows linear and rotary movement. Therefore, if it used in a pick and place application, it allows you to perform a roto-translation, both rotating and translating along an axis.

In addition to the rotary and linear movement, since the screw is passing through (drilled), a vacuum can be generated.

Three systems are available for the KSS VZθ Actuator, to be chosen according to your application needs:

  • DIRECT DRIVE TYPE: the motors have a through shaft and are mounted directly on the screw;
  • HYBRID DRIVE TYPE: there is a hollow shaft motor and a second rotary one that transmits motion through a pulley and belt system;
  • BELT DRIVE TYPE: Both motors are connected to the screw via a pulley and belt system.

In the following video you can see that VZθ Actuator characteristics are fully exploited, capable of performing linear (XYZ), rotary (θ) movements and creating an air flow to create vacuum (Z) .

For more information about KSS VZθ Actuator, contact us at info@garnetitalia.com