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Juno Torque Control IC Processors - PMD

motion control processors

Juno Torque Control IC family processors by PMD offer advanced torque control for brushless DC motors and stepper motors, providing high performance speed control.

Juno processors are available as single axis ICs, offer four quadrant control, direct quadrature encoder input, field oriented control (FOC), direct MOSFET switching signal output and much more.

Juno® IC circuits are intended for medical, scientific, industrial and robotic applications that must minimize engine noise, vibrations and energy consumption.


• Sinusoidal or 6 switching phases

• Field-oriented control

• Hall sensor inputs

• Direct analog signal input

• Serial port up to 460 kBaud

• Quadrature encoder input up to 40 Mcounts / sec

• 10, 20, 40, 80, 120 kHz speed loop

• 20 or 40 kHz switching and current loop frequency

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