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Machine Controller Prodigy/CME - PMD

Machine controller

Machine Controller Prodigy is the latest addition to the Prodigy series by PMD. It is a motion card that allows to work with 1, 2, 3, or 4 axis and uses a Magellan motion processor by PMD.

It is a stand-alone controller, as equipped with an ARM at 96 MIPS, which allows the autonomous control of the axis.

The Prodigy system provides multiple control modes including the Field Oriented Control and user-selectable profiles, which include S or trapezoidal curves, velocity contouring and electronic gearing.


– Communication via Ethernet, CANbus and serial channels.

– Equipped with 16 I / O of which 4 inputs, 4 outputs, 8 bidirectional, 8 inputs and 8 analog outputs +/- 10V at 16 bit, plus all the dedicated zero and limit switches, as well as the encoder inputs.

– Programming facilitated by the use of libraries and by the examples provided in C / C ++ and VisualBasic languages.

– Monitoring of multiple parameters thanks to the ProMotion application with a graphical interface that simplifies commissioning by using the oscilloscope.



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