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Multi-axis controller Arcus - PMX series

Multi-axis controller

The PMX series by Arcus provides a wide range of multi-axis controller for stepper motors.

The communication interfaces include USB, RS-485 and Ethernet.
The PMX product line includes 2 and 4 axis controllers, as well as solutions with integrated drivers.

The programming language (A-SCRIPT) is easy to use and makes it easy to integrate the PMX controller into any automation system. It is a stand alone programming language, similar to BASIC, which doesn’t require software experience to program the controller.

It also includes the drag-n-drop programming system interface, that allows the user to create a program without writing any line of code.


– Advanced 2 or 4 axis motion controller

– USB 2.0 and RS-485 communication

– Maximum frequency output 6M

– Trapezoidal or S-curve acceleration

– Search for the reference point using the Home and / or Index encoder channel

– Single quadrature or differential encoder inputs per axis

– Optically isolated digital inputs (8)

– Optically isolated digital outputs (8)

– 10-bit resolution analog inputs (2)

– BASIC autonomous programming language

– Closed loop StepNLoop algorithm

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