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VZθ Actuators KSS


The KSS actuator system consists of two hollow shaft stepper motors and a ball screw, which allow for linear (Z) and rotary (Θ) movement.

The screw also passes through and therefore allows you to use an air flow or create a vacuum (V).

KSS supplies 3 types of VZθ actuators, based on individual application specifications: direct drive, hybrid and belt drive.

Direct Drive type

– Super Slim body is useful for saving space because of combination of Hollow Motor + BSSP (Miniature Ball Screw with Ball Spline).

– No wear powder from Belt & Pulley because of Direct Drive structure.

– In case of 42 size Motor, not only Linear (Z) and Rotary (Θ;theta) motion but also Vacuum (V) function are available.

Hybrid type

– Linear (Z) , Rotary (θ;theta) motion and Vacuum (V) function are available, same as Tower type.

– Combination of Hollow Motor and Normal Motor provides compact length of Z-θ(theta) Actuator.

-Many kinds of side Motor is provided.

– Vacuum function (V) is available through bore hole of Screw Shaft.

Belt Drive type

– Compact body design and multi-functional, Linear (Z), Rotary (θ;theta) and Vacuum (V).

– The Smallest and lightest V-Z-theta Actuator with 4mm size of BSSP (Miniature Ball Screw with Ball Spline).

– Vacuum function is also available through bore hole in spite of the smallest Shaft diameter.

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