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Sistemi TQA

TQA Tamagawa

The assembly of control levers used in aircraft cockpits stems from a long-standing solid experience that Tamagawa has gained in the design and production of these systems in military applications.

Tamagawa’s TQA (Throttle Quadrant Assembly) systems are used in every type of aircraft and are composed of several RVDTs used both to detect the position of the levers and to ensure the required redundancies and provide the output signals to the FADEC control system.

Single lever TQA systems  are typically used on single-propeller aircraft for auto-throttle, manual override, as well as other latching and locking devices found in aircraft.

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Dual-lever TQA systems  are usually used on twin-engine aircraft as they can control both the left and right sides.

For the “auto-throttle” functions, the two motors are controlled via the ARINC 429 communication bus

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