Analog input module FASTECH 

Analog input module

Ezi-IO EtherCAT AD analog input module is part of Fastech’s wide range of motion control products (which include motors, drives and controllers). Analog Output Module by Fastech supports the EtherCat high-speed fieldbus.

Ezi-IO EtherCAT AD is easy to wire thanks to two possible connection types: the e-CON (which allows simple peripheral devices connection and disconnection) and the terminal block connection, which allows the one-touch method for devices wiring.

Ezi-IO IO EtherCAT AD expansion module is available with 4 analog outputs configurable in voltage or current via dip-switch.


  • EtherCAT remote analog input module
  • Full EtherCAT synchronization modes support
  • Compatible with CiA 401
  • Simple and easy wiring
  • Ethercat ID configuration via rotary switches
  • Selection of output range, voltage or current, via Dip-switch
  • Output signal calibration

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