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ISO certification


An important goal that rewards the company's effort to offer the highest quality services to its customers

Garnet has been always working hard to offer its customers high quality products and services. Scrupulous attention to quality is also important for the individual operating processes of the company.

This is why Garnet has obtained UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certification, issued by the Approval Committee of TÜV Italia, the institution of certification, inspection, testing and training, which offers certification services in the field of quality, energy, environment, safety and product.

ISO Certification

The certification represents for Garnet an important goal that rewards the company’s effort to proactively optimize its efficiency and quality standards.

For Garnet this is just a starting point, which commits us to a constant optimization of our systems for the commercialization of electrical, electromechanical and electronic components and materials and for cabling activities.

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