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Quality Policy

Our constant commitment to provide the highest quality solutions, services and products.

Garnet s.r.l has been on the market for over 20 years and is the exclusive representative of important components for automation, robotics and automotive components.

The primary objective of our organization is the complete satisfaction of our customers through the supply of products and services that respond to their explicit and implicit requests and needs, are reliable and safe and in the right quality / price ratio.

Garnet Srl, must respect constraints and specifications of the most varied types and collect needs which it intends to give the widest satisfaction through appropriate technical and technological solutions and in line with innovation.

To achieve these goals, Garnet S.r.l. aims to promote, develop and support the following activities:

a) Maintaining and continuously improving its Quality Management System in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 internationally recognized standard

b) Ensuring the availability of the resources necessary for the functioning and monitoring of the processes and the achievement of the established process targets

c) Continuous research of new products, in compliance with quality and safety requirements in order to diversify the product line

d) Pursue customer satisfaction with determination

e) Create new market development opportunities

f) Promotion and dissemination of the mentality of continuous improvement, in the belief that company quality must be an objective for all and that therefore everyone is involved in the search for solutions aimed at removing the causes of “non-quality” and in ensuring the rigorous respect of all the rules mandatory for the activity.

The Management has made available the personnel and the tools necessary for the implementation of the Quality Management System which will be constantly monitored and periodically evaluated, measuring the achievement of the objectives set for the controlled processes.

The Management periodically verifies that this policy is appropriate for the purposes and the business context, implemented and shared at every level of the organization, establishing objectives of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

The Management, aware that what is stated represents an indispensable objective and that the primary responsibility for its achievement lies in the Management itself, it is also aware that only with the contribution of all company resources in terms of sharing, participation, involvement and above all awareness of the responsibility for the objectives themselves, those indispensable results will be realized to remain in an increasingly demanding and competitive market and to think with confidence and serenity about the future of Garnet srl.

Quality policy