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Feed and cut application for packaging with controller PMX-4EX-SA - Arcus

packaging controller

controller PMX-4EX-SA
controller PMX-4EX-SA

PMX-4EX-SA is a 4-axis advanced controller, with USB and RS-485 communication. It is produced by Arcus Technology, one of Garnet partners.

In the following video we can see an example of packaging application, where the controller PMX-4EX-SA is used to control a feed and cut system.

The accuracy and ease of configuration, thanks to the Software Plug-In-Play and its extensive documentation, make the model PMX-4EX-SA particularly suitable for this application.

In this example the controller is used in a system composed of motors, driver and optical sensor, in order to manage the feeding of the material (with a target of 20 cm / sec.) and the vertical cut (every 0.5 seconds = 120 pieces / minute).


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