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Power Semiconductors for Data Centers - Fuji Electric

Data Center

Data centers (or Ced rooms – Data processing center) host servers, storage for computer systems, telecommunication equipment and storage systems, and represent the technological fulcrum of every business, as they guarantee the 24-hour operation of all processes, communications and services to support company activities.

In some realities they are structures organized on an industrial scale and operate using a high amount of electricity. It is therefore imperative, especially for companies with huge data centers, to have reliable and efficient power protection equipment, which works without failures or interruptions.

Power semiconductros & Data Center

Fuji Electric is the partner of choice to deliver the powerful and efficient equipment needed to support data center systems of any size. In particular, Fuji power semiconductors are used to power and control equipment in such applications.

In fact, the power modules of the Japanese company offer high energy efficiency thanks to cutting-edge technology, and guarantee excellent overall space savings and a reduction in operating costs.

Fuji Electric’s seventh generation IGBT semiconductors enable maximum continuous temperatures of 175 ° C (Tjop), faster switching and high reliability.

igbt modules

Fuji Electric’s IGBT modules (or insulated gate bipolar transistors) are a high performance 7th generation IGBT / FWD chipset with a compact design that offers more power. It has eco-friendly modules that are easy to assemble, seamless options and RoHS compliance.

The switching characteristics of the IGBT inverter when switching on include: better compromise of noise loss, reduction of dv / dt ignition and excellent dic / dt ignition. Extinguishing switching characteristics include: soft switching behavior and no switching off oscillation.

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