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Wind power

Power semiconductors for wind turbines - Fuji Electric

semiconductors & wind energy

Wind energy is a renewable energy source that has become an increasingly important method of generating electricity globally. Wind turbines collect the kinetic energy from the wind and convert the air into mechanical energy that generates electric current.

Fuji Electric plays an important role in this sector, as its power semiconductors are used in wind industry to ensure the operation of the turbines and to keep the voltage constant according to the wind speed.

igbt modules

Fuji Electric power semiconductors are essential in energy conversion systems, not only for wind applications, but also for solar and other renewable energy applications.

The hight quality technology of Fuji IGBT modules converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) with high efficiency and high reliability. Fuji Electric’s seventh generation IGBT semiconductors allow 175 degrees C maximum continuous temperatures (Tjop).

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