Fuji Electric’s IGBT modules (or insulated gate bipolar transistors) are high performance 7th generation IGBT / FWD chipsets, with a compact design and higher output power.

They are easy-to-mount modules, available in solderless options; they are environmentally friendly and have RoHS compliance.

The IGBT inverter turn-on switching characteristics include: improved noise-loss trade-off, reduced turn-on dv/dt, and excellent turn-on dic/dt.

Turn-off switching characteristics include: soft switching behavior and turn-off oscillation free.

Fuji Electric is a global manufacturer and supplier of IGBT modules, inverters and power semiconductors for a variety of industrial applications.

See the Fuji Electric IGBT Quick Selection Guide and the product sheet for each Fuji Electric Power Semiconductor.

Don’t miss the digital datasheet of the 7th Generation X Dual XT Series IGBT modules in the following video: