Fans for pellet stoves for smoke extraction and hot air diffusion

The heating system of pellet stoves is designed with the aim of producing hot air by burning pellets.

During this combustion, the use of fans is of fundamental importance to extract harmful fumes and to release hot and purified air into the environment.

After being forced into an exchanger, the residual fumes produced by combustion are channeled and expelled by the exhaust air fan.

On the contrary, the clean air is sucked in by a centrifugal or tangential fan, passes through a different heat exchanger in which it heats up, and is then diffused into the environment through vents located in the front of the stove.

Ventole per stufe a pellet


Garnet has specific external rotor fans for the extraction of fumes from our representative SPG.

The intrinsic characteristics of the external rotor construction of these fans for pellet stoves allow to reduce the axial dimensions to a minimum, ensuring optimal performance in terms of flow rate, head and noise.

The position of the motor also ensures optimal ventilation.

The SPG smoke extraction fans are made of pressed steel sheet which ensures perfect operation over time; the impellers are in stainless steel and the motors are equipped with a sensor, to allow the control electronics to adjust the speed.

Garnet has fans for the extraction of combustion fumes with steel impeller diameters from 150 mm to 210 mm, with and without volute.

There are also centrifugal or tangential fans for the diffusion of hot air into the environment, equipped with an external rotor or shielded pole AC motor, available in different sizes.

SPG shielded pole gearmotors are also available, to move the auger, from 0.9 Rpm up to 80 Rpm, with power up to 72 Watts.

For more information visit our application page Ventilation systems for pellet stoves – SPG.