It is available the new 2020 Fuji Electric catalog with all the updated information regarding Fuji power semiconductors. 
Download it at the following link Power Semiconductors Selection Guide.

Various models are available, in modules from 1 to 12 IGBTs, voltages from 600 V to 3300 V and currents from 10 A to 1200 A. Further variants include welded or plug-in pins, versions with NTC thermistor and with the pre-applied thermal paste TIM. The IGBT Modules by Fuji Electric are now available in the 7th Generation X Series, which further improves performance compared to previous series, reducing the size, increasing the efficiency of operation as an inverter and allowing it to operate at higher temperatures.

 For more information about IGBT modules you can consult the product page IGBT Modules or you can contact us at