We are happy to announce that Garnet S.r.l. has acquired Miletti s.a.s. company with legal effects starting from last May 1, 2018.

Thanks to this acquisition, Garnet now has a Cabling Division with a Production Unit capable of supplying a wide range of electrical and electronic wiring, from headed wire up to structural wiring, through USB cables, patches, unipolar electric cables in copper, insulating sheaths in PVC and glass fiber, expandable and thermo-shrinking sheaths, bare and pre-insulated cable lugs, connectors, mechanical assemblies and all types of cables, depending on the needs of the Customers.

The Production Unit of our Cabling Division is situated in Italy, Via Trieste 99, 20064, Gorgonzola (MI), Tel. +39 02 95301433, Fax +39 02 95301956, Email: cablaggi@garnetitalia.com

Mr. Matteo Magni and the whole Miletti Team are available for every operational question and they remain the representatives of the Garnet Cabling Division, where they will be able to give continuity to the work carried out to date with the same experience and passion as ever.

Leo Iurino, General Manager of Garnet Srl, said about the acquisition: “It is really a pleasure to welcome new elements of value to the Garnet team. This acquisition is the final achievement of the relationship of collaboration and friendship that have been linking Garnet with Miletti Cablaggi for years. We are now facing new and fascinating challenges and opening up new and exciting opportunities for our Customers. I would like to especially thank Ugo Miletti, who has made the beginning of this journey possible.”

For any information regarding the Cabling Division and to forward your requests, we invite you to write to the email contact cablaggi@garnetitalia.com