With pride, Garnet has been cited in the Integrated Report 2022 of one of the major Japanese manufacturers of components for industrial automation, electromedical products and electronic components.

We are talking about Omron, which in collaboration with FasThink – a leading company in logistics and manufacturing processes improvement – have chosen Garnet as a partner to test a new Mobile Robot, designed specifically for picking systems.

In order to obtain valuable feedback and better optimize Mobile Robots functions, Omron and FasThink asked Garnet – which boasts a long experience in logistics and daily handling of automation components – to directly test the Robot and support them in analysis and verification performances.

Thanks to the introduction of the Mobile Robot, Garnet has been able to optimize its logistics and production processes by eliminating discrepancies with the management system and facilitating the mobilization of goods, from the preparation of the kits to production and shipment.

We are proud to be partners of two companies such as Omron and FasThink and to have achieved excellent results together, reported in Omron’s Integrated Report 2022 in the section dedicated to virtuous applications.

Garnet citata nell’Integrated Report 2022 di Omron

You can find more details on page 40 of Omron’s Integrated Report 2022 available at the following link: “Innovation of Intralogistics and Production Processes by Mobile Robots”.