gearmotor for Vending Machines refrigerated with low GWP propane gas

Recent European regulations for environment protection- in Italy the F-Gas legislation – require that all vending machines, refrigeration systems and air conditioners manufacturers must use new substances / gases for food refrigeration with a lower GWP (= Global Warming Potential).

The new refrigerant gases have a very low greenhouse effect and a high level of eco-compatibility and are:

. R290 Propane

· R600a Isobutane

· R1270 Propylene

characterized above all by a negligible GWP.

However, this transition phase must take into account the new gases flammability. In fact, if the “old generation” refrigerant gases, such as R404, R410A were poorly flammable and safe, the new substances are considered particularly flammable and for this reason it is necessary to better study commercial and industrial refrigeration applications in order to create Explosion-proof protection for electrical equipment ensuring complete machines safety.

Garnet has studied for long time a gearmotor with high levels of safety for vending machines refrigerated with propane gas, and has developed a new generation gearmotor, conceived with perfect efficiency and a high level of safety.

The gearmotor is completely encapsulated in a plastic case in order to avoid any small spark in case of gas leak inside the vending machine.

The gearmotor for vending machines can be customized according to customer application needs.

We are glad to present the latest generation gearmotor with all requirements to work in new Vending Machines.

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