Hollow shaft stepper motors

Fastech presents the new line of hollow shaft stepper motors Ezi-Servo HS.

Ezi-Servo HS motors can be combined with Fastech closed loop system and with different Fastech drives that support the EtherCAT, Ethernet, CC-Link fieldbuses and clock and direction input.

The available sizes range from Nema 08 flange (20 mm) up to Nema 34 flange (86 mm.)

Ezi-Servo HS motors are equipped with high resolution encoders. Using the signals of the integrated encoders, the systems communicate the position of the motors, ensuring the absence of position errors and no loss of pitch.

01 190618 Image Ezi SERVO HS 2 Hollow shaft stepper motors Fastech - Ezi-Servo HS

HS hollow shaft stepper motors allow cables or pipes to pass through them, therefore they have advantages of less wiring and space saving with greater efficiency in terms of time and costs.

This type of Fastech motors is mainly used in pick and place machines.

The following video shows all the details about Ezi-Servo HS hollow shaft motors and how they are applied on different pick and place applications.

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