Electric gripper

The following video shows a demo system consisting of three electric grippers by KSS, the Japanese company specialized in ball screws and actuators production.

The KSS electric grippers feature a light and compact design; they allow multi-point positioning, gripping force control, centering and measuring dimension, thanks to the dedicated driver.

They are equipped with a bidirectional ball screw, powered by a hollow shaft step motor.

In addition, a linear encoder for position feedback is included in the gripper.


  • clamping force from 2 N to 20 N;
  • total useful stroke of 14 mm (7mm per side)
  • positioning repeatability of +/- 0.01 mm
  • movement speed from 5 to 20 mm / sec.
  • each motor is managed by a D6180 Driver
  • 24 Vdc power supply
  • current 1 A
  • 3 inputs and 3 outputs
  • RS485 serial interface
  • Din rail mounting

Four different functions are shown in the demo:

  • 1) handling of the piece
  • 2) 90° rotation
  • 3) 180° translation with QR code reading by the sensor
  • 4) gripper lifting and handling to check the length dimension

For more information about KSS electric grippers, contact us at info@garnetitalia.com