For many, the use of bicycles is becoming not only a leisure vehicle, but also a practical means of transport for daily activities and to go to work.

Especially in large cities, concerns about high CO2 emissions and rising fossil fuel costs have prompted many residents to use bicycles as a viable alternative to the car. The use of bicycles also promotes health benefits and guarantees a secure social distancing, which is essential in this particular period to avoid the spread of the covid-19 virus.

Many cities in the world and many Italian municipalities have therefore adopted the bike sharing service, or “shared bicycle”, a public service that provides citizens with a fleet of bikes to use and leave, at the end of the ride, in specific areas or , depending on the manager, anywhere in the city.

Bike rental is usually done by paying for and unlocking the vehicle through your smartphone, by framing the unique QR code, or through a contactless card.

The bicycles used for bike sharing are designed and built to prevent theft, loss and vandalism: they have no detachable parts and are equipped with an intelligent locking system and GPS.


To prevent possible thefts, an intelligent padlock is used that allows the bike to be locked / unlocked simply via a smartphone app.

These smart locks are also commonly equipped with a geolocation system that allows you to identify the precise position of the bicycles.

The rechargeable batteries, the control board, the GPS system and the steel locking ring are housed inside the padlocks.

The locking / unlocking system of smart locks is operated by a very small DC gearmotor which, receiving the command from the control board, opens or closes the padlock.


Garnet has efficient DC gearmotors also suitable for intelligent locking systems for bicycles.

Our gearmotors are suitable for applications with high dynamics and for applications where it is essential to find the right balance between cost and performance.

Immagine 2021 04 29 125347 3 DC geared motors on smart locks for bike sharing

We have direct current gearmotors from 12mm to 90mm in diameter, or in the “Coreless” version for smaller diameters.

They are available with different windings starting from 3 Vdc up to 90 Vdc.

This type of gearmotor can also be used for other applications, including: insulin micro infusers for diabetics, surgical instruments, locks with electric release, professional toys, modeling, dispensers for fluids, small dispensers, etc.

motoriduttori smart locker bike sharing 1 2 DC geared motors on smart locks for bike sharing

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