Tamagawa introduces the new series TBL-i6 of AC servomotors, equipped with new encoders with 25 bit resolution, capable of performing approximately 33,000,000 divisions thus providing greater rotation resolution.

New AC servo motors have a more compact design than the existing series, for a more miniaturized equipment size; they have low cogging and low vibration, and low rotor inertia. In addition, they can be equipped with silent brakes.

The TBL-i6 series of servomotors are equipped with the new standard 25-bit absolute encoders, without battery. It is also possible to mount a resolver.

The new servomotors can be used on various applications, including packaging machinery, pick-up robot, chip mounter machine, etc.

tamagawa tbl i6 1 New product: AC servomotors TBL-i6 equipped with 25 bit resolution encoder - Tamagawa

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