Sung-il Machinery Co., Ltd (S.I.M.), a Korean company producing joints and components for industrial automation, has introduced the new “Timing Pulley” product line consisting of timing pulleys.

The timing pulley is a component that transmits the rotational power received from the timing belt to the crankshaft. Sung-il Machinery products are capable of providing sufficient clamping force without further machining and support a variety of easy-to-install crankshaft fixing methods.

Main product features:

  • High precision: High precision thanks to minimal reduction of kickbacks
  • High Torque: The toothed structure of the pulley reduces the possibility of slippage and makes it suitable for higher torque applications.
  • High Speed ​​Rotation: Designed for use with higher RPM applications by limiting vibration and noise.
  • Easy and handy assembly instructions
  • Materials: aluminum, steel, stainless steel
  • Shapes: trapezoidal, curvilinear
    Several customization options (shape, tooth profile, material, finish, etc.) are available to order.


Consult the Timing Pulley catalog for full details on timing pulleys or consult the general catalog for Sung-il Machinery products.