Tamagawa compact inertial sensor TAG295

Garnet is pleased to introduce the new TAMAGAWA’s 3-axis inertial system based on MEMS technology, designed for agricultural and construction machinery.

Thanks to MEMS technology used by Tamagawa for manufacturing its sensors, it is possible to detect body acceleration using inertial force deriving from vehicle rotation and vibrations on which the sensor is installed (Corioli effect).

The new inertial sensor TAG295 model is particularly compact and has the following technical characteristics:

thumbnail Outlook uancbzed edited New 3-axis compact inertial sensor for agricultural and construction machinery - Tamagawa
  • CAN output;
  • operating temperature from -30°C to + 80°C;
  • 3-axis system for 3 angular speeds and 3 accelerations;
  • angular speed ± 200 degrees/sec;
  • detection of “roll”, “pitch” and “yaw” angles (roll, pitch and yaw);
  • 12Vdc power supply;
  • compact dimensions 33x83x41mm;
  • connector on board;
  • IP65 protection.

The TAG295 inertial sensor is in regular Tamagawa production and samples are available in few weeks.

Thanks to the introduction of this new inertial sensor, Garnet and Tamagawa contribute to the process of electrification of vehicles and sustainability started years ago.

Other Tamagawa inertial sensors models are the ones with GPS, which allow autonomous vehicle driving, and those with fiber optics, which guarantee even higher precision and accuracy.