We are happy to present the new website garnet.it!

We have renewed our website to improve the user experience and to have a more intuitive navigation of the contents.

The design has been updated with a modern and responsive layout, with dynamic animations and optimized accessibility from different devices.

The Company section has been enriched with new pages and more information about Garnet, our partners, certifications, quality policy, and job opportunities.

We have simplified the Products section organizing the products into 3 areas (Motion Control, Magnets, Wiring) and in subcategories. In this way it is easier to find a Garnet solution.

The internal search engine is also a useful tool that allows you to quickly find products, applications, catalogs and technical specifications.

We have implemented the Applications section, which has been enriched with new application fields and with new case studies. We have also optimized the navigation page.

In the News section you can find constant updates on our activities, products and services, and insights from the automation word.

To find out all about Garnet, we invite you to explore the new website garnet.it and to follow us on LinkedIn.

Stay tuned and happy navigation!