Nippon Pulse has released a new line of PCD controller chips as an upgrade for the PCD46x1 series. The new 46x1A series includes updates that improve the performance of the 46×1 series, and offers a few new features as well.

The new series contains three chips: the single-axis PCD4611A, the two-axis PCD4621A and the PCD4641A, a four-axis chip. The chip package and terminal allocation of all three chips remain the same as those in the previous series, with QFPs of 48 pins, 64 pins and 100 pins, respectively. They can also be mounted on the same boards as the previous chips.
New features include the capability for a CPU to connect to the chips with either an 8-bit parallel bus connection or a 4-wire serial interface; when connecting with the latter, terminals D0 through D5 can be used as general-purpose input/output ports.

The technical specifications of the new PCD46x1A can be downloaded here.
For more specifications about the PCD controller chips, it is possible to download the catalog here.
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