The progressive increase of the raw materials involved in the production of Neodymium and Samarium magnets should be noted.
After the significant drop of the past few weeks, there is currently a gradual rise in the price per kg of rare earths which will very soon have repercussions on the finished price of magnets.

We are available to evaluate any reorders of magnets with you, also considering deliveries at the end of the year and the first half of 2024, precisely to allow you to buy now at the best market conditions.

As known, Garnet makes its large warehouse available for the preventive storage of your magnets, allowing you to collect them according to monthly schedules.

We have attached charts with the latest quotations recorded for rare earths and we remain at your complete disposal to update the quotations of your magnets and plan your next orders.

Cobalto Price trend Rare Earth June 2023
Iron Price trend Rare Earth June 2023
PRND Price 2023 Price trend Rare Earth June 2023
SM Price Price trend Rare Earth June 2023