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Tamagawa EMA Electro-Mechanical Actuators

Tamagawa EMA Electro-Mechanical Actuators

The Electro-Mechanical Actuators EMA made by Tamagawa are designed and made for every kind of commercial aircrafts.

Tamagawa EMA actuators are used for Flight Control as Flap & Trim Tab Actuation, Yaw & Rudder Brake Pedal Unit, Landing Gear system and also as various door actuation. EMA products are contributed more with superior performance for More Electric Aircraft (MEA) application under industry-wide trend.

Tamagawa EMA actuators are available in Ball-screw and Jack-screw versions and they have the following features:

Ball-screw Type

Tamagawa EMA actuators having ball-screw present the following main features:

  • Linear stroke up to 300mm (12 inches);
  • Operating force up to 20.000N (4.500 lbs);
  • Operating speed up to 25mm/sec (1inch/sec);
  • Both of irreversibility and reversibility are available

Jack-screw Type

It is an electric linear actuator with jack screw (ACME screw).

The integrated electrical motor, developed and produces in house, is equipped with sensor, controller and clutch and the main features are as follows:

  • Linear stroke up to 50.8mm (2 inches);
  • Operating force up to 1.750N (395 lbs);
  • Operating speed up to 4mm/sec (0.165 inch/sec);
  • Irreversibility type.

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