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Brushless motors

Brushless DC geared motors X-TOR SPG

brushless BLDC geared motors

The high-performance series X-TOR by SPG consists of compact brushless BLDC geared motors and drive/speed controls.

This new series maintain a constant torque for the entire speed range. The size of the BLDC motor is 50% lower than the AC induction model of equal power. The X-TOR series allows an immediate connection and a very simple operation via cable, which connects the motor to the drive.

The brushless systems of the X-TOR series are particularly suitable for applications where is needed to adjust the speed of the moving load taking advantage of all the benefits of traditional brushless systems with much more competitive costs.


– Power output from 10W to 90W

– Square flange 60mm, 80mm and 90mm

– Maximum length of stator 65mm

– Wide range of reducers (reduction ratios between 5:1 and 200:1)



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