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Linear shaft brushless motor NPM

Linear shaft brushless

The shaft motors by NPM are linear brushless motors with a completely inovative constructive concept that uses the force of a magnetic circuit formed by the windings and the magnets inserted in the shaft. These motors offer high dynamic performance and high positioning accuracies.

As a specialist in the construction of motors, NPM has integrated the uniqueness of its controllers and its communication technology combined with encoders and mechanical guides to meet the diverse demands of high-performance applications.


– Compact, lightweight design requires less power while producing a comparable force to that of a similar-sized traditional linear motor.

– High precision (0.07nm) and precise micropositioning.

– Capable of high thrust (up to 100,000N), stroke of up to 4.6 meters and virtually no speed fluctuation (±0.006% at 100mm/s).

– No heat sinks required. All sides of the forcer coil are positioned to allow for maximum heat dissipation and efficiency.

– Easy installation, alignment and system integration.

– Quiet operation, due to the absence of friction; the only mechanical contact is the
linear guide (though fully non-contact operation is possible using an air slider).

– Durable construction, capable of operation even in a vacuum, in a harsh environment, or underwater.

– Available in shaft diameters as small as 4mm and as large as 60mm.

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