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Magnetic assemblies

Magnetic assemblies

Magnetic assemblies

In addition to the individual permanent magnets supply, Garnet is a potential partner for the realization of all types of magnetic assemblies, from the prototype phase to the mass quantities production.

The assemblies we supply are made according to our customers technical specifications, after our feasibility analysis. Thanks to our experience and our vision, we are able to choose the best process and the best materials to optimize the final performance on each type of assembly.

Some of the technologies adopted for our magnetic assemblies are:

  • Bi-component molding (plastic magnets with plastic inserts);
  • Co-molding and over-molding (permanent magnets supplied with plastic inserts);
  • Assembly or insertion of magnets on electric motor rotors by gluing or resin coating;
  • Jacketed steel tubes;
  • Bandages with pre-impregnated glass fiber tapes, ready for polymerization in the oven;
  • Dynamic balancing.


The advanced R&D activities in collaboration with our partners allow us to always provide new technical solutions to improve our products technical and production efficiency.

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