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Small Brushless DC Motor

Small Brushless DC Motor

Tamagawa introduces a next generation high performance of Brushless DC Motor with Integrated Electronics & Gearbox for various type of applications from Factory Automation to Aerospace and Avionics.

This small size of Brushless DC Motor is mainly used for Cockpit/Pilot Control System such as motor for thrust lever. Thanks to brushless technology, the motor is free from maintenance, and has long lifetime and high reliability. Size and winding specification can be customized.

Main features:

  • 3-phase 4 poles winding;
  • Rotor made of rare-earth permanent magnets (Samarium-Cobalt and Neodymium type);
  • Three Hall IC for magnetic pole detection use or resolver as feedback;
  • Robust configuration with a smaller number of parts;
  • Low cogging torque;
  • High speed;
  • Combination with compact Gearhead enables high output torque;
  • Integrated electromagnetic brake;
  • Custom designs for electrical characteristics & shape of output shaft.

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