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DC motors

Permanent magnet DC motors - SPG

DC motors

The DC geared motors with permanent magnet by SPG, while maintaining the same dimensions of the coupling flange of the AC motors, have numerous advantages such as better speed control, the possibility to change the direction of rotation and to perform an immediate stop of the movement.


– Power from 6W to 300W

– Square flange from 60mm to 90mm

– Power supply from 12V to 90V

– Max. speed up to 3000rpm (up to 1800rpm when combined with reduction gear)

– Availability of motors with round flange (motor diameter 40mm and 54mm)


– for DC motors with power from 6W to 300W

– Square flange from 60mm to 90mm

– Max. output torque from 2.94Nm to 29.42Nm

– Range of standard gear ratios from 3:1 to 250:1, with the possibility of mounting a decimal gear

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