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Step motors

Synchronous geared motors NPM - PTM Series

synchronous geared motors with permanent magnets

The PTM series produced by Nippon Pulse provide synchronous geared motors with permanent magnets at low speeds, ideal for timed applications.

These motors, with a fixed rotation direction (shaded pole motors) or reversible (capacitive phase shift), are particularly suited to control valves as well as for applications as medical equipment, displays, timers and conditioners.

All series are available with built-in reducer: a wide range of gearboxes with plastic and metal pulleys is able to meet several applications.


– Sizes from 25mm to 55mm (depending on single or dual direction)

– No control circuit required: these AC motors start rotating when a power
connection is made

– Single or dual direction (single direction does not require any specific wiring to the
AC power supply, and the leadwires have no polarity)

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