Garnet offers a wide range of ground and rolled ball screws.

Ball screws allow you to transform a rotary movement into a linear movement with a good friction coefficient and great positioning accuracy.

We offer different ground screws sizes; the smallest diameter is 3 mm with 0.5 mm pitch; the largest diameter is 100 mm with 20 mm pitch.

This motion transmission system can be used for multiple applications; the most common are: machining centers, milling machines, lathes, grinding machines, printing machines, robotic measuring instruments, X-Y tables, medical equipment, semiconductor equipment and industrial automation equipment.


To carry out the correct sizing of a system with ball screw and electric motor it is necessary to take into consideration some data:

  • Load: including moving mass and forces involved in machine processes
  • Tilt angle: for example horizontal or vertical
  • Speed: speed and acceleration, deceleration and maximum
  • Stroke: total stroke length
  • Accuracy: position and repeatability accuracy
  • Work cycle: speed and cycle time
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Once these data are known, it will be possible to size screw and motor.

Our technical staff has adequate tools to size the kinematics of a mechanical system and thus offer a support that allows you to easily and accurately calculate a brush DC, brushless AC or step motor.

Our technical support is at your complete disposal and can be contacted at

To find out about our ball screws, consult our product sheet.