high precision reducers

Garnet presents the new high precision reducers line by SPG, the Korean company specialized in AC, DC and BLDC motors, gearboxes and gearmotors production.

SPG’s high precision reducers feature a simple and compact design and are easy to use.

These reducers reach a particularly high performance level thanks to the simultaneous engagement of several teeth (sun gear, planetary gears and crown gear) for an high positioning and rotation accuracy and an efficiency level greater than 90%.

high precision reducers

Silent and precise, SPG’s reducers work effectively even at low torque, allowing you to precisely control small movements and to make them suitable for applications that require very high precision of movement.

They are available in hollow shaft or output shaft variants, with reduction ratios from 1/50 to 1/160.

SPG reducers are used in robotics fields, automation, machine tools, measuring instruments, navigation systems, aerospace, medical, military, wood industry, printing, machinery for the textile industry and glass processing, filling machines, etc..

high precision reducers

For technical details consult the technical data sheet SPG high precision reducers.