Stepping motors and controllers – Ezi-Servo II EtherCAT

stepping motors fastech

Fastech’s Ezi-Servo product line consists of closed loop stepping motors.

Ezi-servo II EtherCat is stepping system which includes a motor with vector control and separate electronics. It uses the EtherCat communication protocol, the high speed field bus (100 Mbps full duplex).

These Fastech stepping motors are available with flanges from nema 0,8 (20 mm) up to a maximum of nema 34 (86 mm).

All Ezi-servo II EtherCat systems are powered at 24 Vdc for all motors up to 60 mm (nema 24 flange); for the 86 mm motors (nema 34 flange) the power supply is 40-70 Vdc.

Ezi-servo II EtherCat is a closed loop system, with high resolution encoder mounted on the motor, that allows precise position control. Depending on motor size, it is possible to use encoders with resolution up to 20,000 [ppr].

Thanks to DSP technology (digital signal processor) and proprietary firmware, the drive is always able to ensuring the exact position and to compensate any system variation (such as a sudden load change, for example).

Ezi-servo II EtherCat systems are widely used for packaging, medical machines, assembly machines, robots and in all applications where the process is controlled and measured through the bus.

The following video shows all the details about the Ezi-servo II EtherCat motors and examples of different applications.

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