Closed loop stepping system

Ezi-SERVOII Plus-E ALL stepping system is part of Fastech Ezi-Servo family that uses Ethernet communication protocol.

Ezi-SERVOII Plus-E ALL is an innovative all-in-one closed-loop drive system that combines a motor, a high-resolution encoder, a drive and a motion controller in a single device.

Since everything is connected directly to the motor, the wiring is significantly reduced, only the power supply and the Ethernet BUS need to be brought to the motor

Ezi-SERVOII Plus-E ALL, using a high resolution encoder capable of updating the motor position every 50µs, guarantees accurate positioning and compensation of any system variation such as a sudden load change.

stepping system
  • Motor + High Resolution Encoder + Drive + Motion Controller
  • Reduced wiring
  • Ethernet interface
  • Closed loop stepper system
  • No Gain Tuning / No Hunting
  • High resolution / fast response
  • Heat reduction / torque enhancement
  • Connection of up to 250 axes

The following video shows all Ezi-SERVOII Plus-E ALL motors details and different applications examples.

Download the catalog with all information about Fastech stepping system Ezi-SERVOII Plus-E ALL.