partnership between Tamagawa and Garnet for avionics and aerospace products distribution

Garnet is glad to announce the signing of a recent and fundamental agreement with our historical partner Tamagawa for the exclusive representation and distribution in Europe of products for avionics and aerospace sectors. 

This new partnership expands our products range and permit us to offer our customers more innovative and high-tech solutions. 

Tamagawa has historical experience and solid reputation in avionics and aerospace sector and we are glad to extend a thirty-year collaboration with them, not just only in automation, robotics and automotive field, but also in strategic avionics and aerospace sector. 

Among the most important projects developed by Tamagawa we find the supply of motors and electromechanical actuators for the ISS-KIBO orbiting station; the high-precision resolvers mounted on NASA Curiosity and Perseverance rovers exploring Mars, the LVDT and RVDT position sensors aboard the BOEING 747 and 787. 

These are just some of the best known and famous applications; thanks to the collaboration with Tamagawa designers, we are completing new systems and sensors development that represent excellence in terms of reliability and performance. 

The partnership between TAMAGAWA and GARNET has always been based on common values ​​of quality, innovation and attention to customer; thanks to these solid foundations it was an instant to reach the sky and space. 

Stay tuned for more updates about our products and services, the countdown for the launch of our new avionics and aerospace products is on…