With great pleasure and participation we recently welcomed in Garnet the new CEO and the Export Sales Director of our historical partner Tamagawa.

It was an honor to welcome Mr. Yasuo Hagimoto and Mr. Tadasu Takigawa and spend intense days together in which we deepened our knowledge of our organizations, explored the latest news and market trends and established increasingly close and mutually satisfying working relationships.

The complete Garnet team was presented to our kind guests with particular attention to the team and the Wiring Unit – which deals with electrical and electronic wiring – in anticipation of future professional collaborations to meet the needs of Tamagawa’s various European customers.

During our meeting, various ideas and reflections emerged.
Thanks to their vast experience and their deep knowledge of the sector in its many applications ranging from automation, robotics, automotive and finally to aerospace we have shared valuable advice on how best to collaborate to meet the increasingly challenging needs of the global market.

Foto visita Tamagawa Giugno2023 Tamagawa visits Garnet
Mr. Yasuo Hagimoto and Mr. Tadasu Takigawa with Leopoldo Iurino Managing Director Garnet

This visit also marked a new chapter in the collaboration with Tamagawa thanks to the recent agreement on the distribution of products for the aerospace and aeronautical sectors, further strengthening the ties between our companies.

We are excited to continue working together to achieve ambitious goals and create positive synergies.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this visit a successful and unforgettable experience for our guests and our entire team.