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IGBT modules for electric and hybrid vehicles - Fuji Electric

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Fuji Electric power semiconductors play an important role in the electric mobility market, in particular for the automotive sector. In fact, the major automotive companies have chosen Fuji IGBT modules for their electric or hybrid vehicles.

The semiconductors of the Japanese company are used in car charging stations for both type 1 (Vehicle Side only) and type 2 (Vehicle Side and Column Side) and type 3 connectors (Column Side only).

Fuji IGBT modules for automotive applications are capable of operating at high temperatures, ensuring total efficiency and safety.

In addition, the seventh generation RC-IGBT technology offers faster switching and offers greater reliability, ensuring a more comfortable and safe driving.

IGBT modules

Fuji Electric’s IGBT modules (or insulated gate bipolar transistors) are a high-performance seventh-generation IGBT / FWD chipset with a compact design that offers more power. It has easy-to-assemble ecological modules, seamless options and RoHS compliance.

Switching characteristics when the IGBT inverter is turned on include: better compromise of noise loss, reduced dv / dt ignition and excellent dic / dt ignition. Switch-off switching characteristics include: soft switching behavior and absence of switch-off oscillation.

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