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Fluid dynamics

Power semiconductors to improve pumps and control valves in water systems - Fuji Electric

semiconductors & water systems

Water is used in different ways and in various applications, in agricultural, commercial or industrial environments.

Water management can often be intricate. For this reason Fuji Electric offers valid solutions to increase pumps performance and valves controls to ensure effective water management and advantageous energy savings.

In particular, the new seventh generation IGBT module technology guarantees an improvement in overall production and a reduction in losses.

IGBT module

Fuji Electric small Dual In-line Package IPM with control IC, IGBT driver circuits and protection circuits is suitable for applications using AC servos, air conditioning equipment, heat pumps, fans and ventilators.

The Fuji small IPM ranges from 15A to 35A – 600V and uses the new 7 ‘generation IGBT technology from Fuji Electric. Protection includes: overcurrent, short circuit, overtemperature and interruption of the control voltage and an alarm signal output for optimal control.

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