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Toyota Prius: hybrid system control with two Singlsyn resolvers - Tamagawa

angular transducers and hybrid cars

The Tamagawa technology has been serving hybrid cars for many years and provides 100% of Singlsyn resolvers used by car manufacturer Toyota.

The Toyota Prius hybrid system is based on a brushless motor and a generator. A Singlsyn resolver is installed on both devices to control the rotation. The angular transducer has a crucial role in the hybrid system of the car, facilitating the control and the interaction between the electric motor and the combustion motor.

The Singlsyn resolver series is composed of variable reluctance transducers; these resolver, mounted on the electric motor and on the alternator, detect their angular rotation and send their analog signals sine/cosine to the analog/digital converter Smartcoder AU6802 located inside of the control electronics.

Synglsyn resolvers

The Singlsyn resolvers are particularly small (min. diameter 25mm), support a wide range of operating temperatures (-55° C to +155° C) and are resistant to harsh environmental conditions. They have high rotational speed (30,000 rpm) and high reliability, ensured by the mechanical structure of the resolver.

The sine/cosine signals can be used through the use of the analog/digital converter Tamagawa AU6802 of the Smartcoder series (resolver to digital converter), in order to manage the absolute speed position and position of the motors on which they are mounted.

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