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Since 1962, Canon Precision Inc. has been constantly working to develop its own technologies for micro DC motors. At its inception, Canon Precision Inc. began manufacturing camera components as the first subsidiary of Canon Inc. Later, the company became a supplier of motors and sensor parts, playing an important role in improving the performance and quality of a wide range of products in the field of motion control. To date, the company boasts of being a supplier of engines and components to the most acclaimed leaders in Japan and in the world. Canon motors are manufactured at Hirosaki, in Aomori prefecture, where a cell-based production system is used that contributes to production efficiency. Canon Precision motors can be equipped with optional components such as gearboxes and encoders, and the specifications of optional components, such as speeds and gear ratios, can be customized to the specific needs of the customer. The company's constant commitment is to continue to develop its technologies and use its advanced techniques to devise increasingly innovative solutions for the different needs of individual customers.