Fastech is constantly engaged in the research and development of increasingly innovative and high-tech products to provide high quality products to its customers.

Ezi-SPEED, in particular, is a fully digital BLDC motor speed control system.

ezi speed fastech 1 Ezi-SPEED Fastech: BLDC motor speed control system

It is suitable for applications that require a stable speed and is able to maintain a constant rotation at low or high speed even if the load changes, always showing in real time the actual speed of the motor or of the percentage load. It offers a simple, intuitive and fast connection of the motor to the drive, and with a clear control panel and integrated buttons, Ezi-SPEED is easy to use.
It also allows good energy savings and an excellent protection function.

For more details see the technical data sheet “BLDC motor speed control system_Ezi-SPEED Fastech”