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BLDC motor speed control system _ Ezi-SPEED Fastech

BLDC motor speed control system

Ezi-SPEED by Fastech is a BLDC motor speed control system.

It is suitable for applications that require stable speed and it is capable of maintaining constant rotation at low or high speed even with changes of loads adjusting automatic the motor current.
It offers a simple, intuitive and fast connection of the motor to the drive.

With an easy-to-use control panel and integrated buttons, Ezi-SPEED is able to show in real time the actual speed of the motor or the percentage load. You can freely switch between the indicators and always have a perfect overview of the parameters and of the load set.

Various functions can be set on the drive:

– Motor Start/Stop
– Setting the operation speed
– Changing the rotation direction
– Changing the indication
– Operation speed indication when the speed decreasing or increasing ratio is set
– Setting the acceleration/deceleration time
– Button operation lock
– Speed setting for 8-speed operation
– Speed limits setting
– Validating the external operation signals
– External I/O signal allocation
– Setting the overload alarm detection time

Ezi-SPEED allows energy savings and an excellent protection function. In fact, Ezi-SPEED detects abnormal situations like overload, over voltage, etc. and interrupts the operation by showing an alarm signal.


– BLDC Motor Speed Control System_ Ezi-SPEED

– AC Input BLDC Motor Speed Control System

– Wide Speed Control Range (50~4000rpm)

– Stable Speed by Vector Control (Speed Regulation 0.2%)

– Stable Low Speed (50rpm) by Velocity Observer

– High Efficiency with Low Heat Generation

– Easy Speed Control, Easy Wiring and Connecting (Front Panel and I/O)

– Product Line-Up : 30, 60, 120, 200, 400W

For an example application go to the page Agitator with Ezi-SPEED system by Fastech.



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