fans and gearmotors for pellet stoves

Pellet stove is a clean and ecological heating system conceived with the aim of producing hot air through pellets combustion, usually obtained from wood processing waste.

For biomass heating sector, Garnet has specific external rotor fans for fumes extraction, centrifugal or tangential fans for hot air diffusion, and geared motors with shielded poles to move pellet stoves and boilers auger.

Below you can download Garnet new fans brochure where you can find all details about Garnet’s fans for smoke extraction (with and without scroll) and fans for hot air diffusion (centrifugal and tangential).

Here you can download Garnet new motors brochure where you can find details about shielded pole gearmotors for boilers and pellet stoves.

For more information about Garnet fans and motors for pellet boilers and stoves you can contact us at